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Multi-Org Governance

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Our platform has proven usability in handling Salesforce organizations having more than 40,000 users and extreme data volumes.

Our expertise, Salesforce knowledge, and platform allows us to manage complex release management processes involving both metadata & data comparison, and transport across multiple instances.



Find below some of the use cases our platform deals with:

Salesforce Data sampling

Data sampling for Testing & Training

Restoring data in a Salesforce environment is a complex affair since it needs to happen at API level, following in the process all the rules a standard user would be following when keying info into the application.

This is why building data sets for testing or training purposes (especially multi-level data sampling across sandboxes in a non-full-sandbox situation) is often skipped as it would be too time and energy consuming.

The process of transporting data (and metadata) from your production to your sandboxes (full, partial, dev) will be a few clicks process with the Odaseva platform. Our solution becomes extremely useful in the case of Training environments, where instances can be emptied out and re-populated in a few clicks.

Compare and align

With the Odaseva platform, environment comparison will become a huge part of your processes (master data management, release management) as developers can easily confirm, sometimes discover, discrepancies between orgs, build deployment packages or simply align master data.

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We currently backup over 40 Billion records a year and are securing over a million Salesforce users.