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Salesforce Multi-Org Governance & Data Management

"Unleash your Salesforce platform governance"

Why would I need Salesforce Multi-Org Governance?

Increasing the Business value/cost-time ratio while decreasing the risk related to each new release may appear like a huge challenge as development teams thrive to balance agility and rigor with the ever-need to do it all in the least amount of time.

A considerable challenge in an ever-changing ecosystem, as both Salesforce complexity (more orgs, more sandboxes, more code, more objects, more integrations, and more data), and Salesforce criticality (more business people, more internal users, more customer users, more partner users) are on the rise. We provide Salesforce backup and restore as well as data archiving to help meet customer needs. 

64% of companies are releasing monthly

bluewolf "The State of Salesforce" (2016-2016)

Salesforce Multi Org Governance, data management

You need to

  • Minimize release management costs
  • Automate, Accelerate and Secure deployment process
  • Maximize user experience during Training and UAT
  • Strengthen Salesforce multi-org governance
  • Increase Data Quality

What goals am I expecting to achieve with Odaseva?

Secure Salesforce delivery

Centralize, secure your deployments

Accelerate Salesforce delivery

Spend more time on delivering value to your users and less on manual steps

Strengthen Multi-Org governance

Increase quality and improve Salesforce usage across your instances

Salesforce Multi Org Governance, data management

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