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Backup your Salesforce Content and Config

Restore when needed

Turnkey solution

Our platform has proven usability with Salesforce organizations having more than 40,000 users and extreme data volumes. Built on both Salesforce and Amazon WS, our platform is designed to provide maximum backup availability and uptime, thanks to an highly redundant architecture.

  • Cloud and Out of the box platform for Salesforce
  • Multi-org and Enterprise-ready
  • Secure with 3 different levels of encryption, including client encryption key
  • Multiple user access and segregation of duties

Managed Backup Services

Our solution comes with a fully managed backup service, as our Enterprise Support team will remain responsible for the initialization, monitoring and maintenance of your backup plans.

  • 100% of your Data, Files & Metadata
  • Highly customizable backup plan
  • Full, Incremental, Partial, or Differential Backups
  • Manual or Automated backup schedule

Restore, do not recover

Relying on a solution like Odaseva is needed, should you wish to implement a proper Disaster Recover Plan for your company.
As mentioned by Salesforce on their Help & Support article on the subject, data recovery comes at a price, and is far from the end of the road in case of data loss. The real difficulty will remain at the restore level, a process necessitating a high level of expertise and knowledge, as well as adequate tools.

  • Supports Single, Partial, Incremental and Full restore
  • Maintains parent-child relationship
  • Advanced Salesforce Restore algorithms and options

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Built for the Enterprise

We currently backup over 100 Billion records a year and are securing over a million Salesforce users.