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Salesforce Backup & Restore Solution

from Metadata to Data & Files

"Recover from data loss"

Why would I need Salesforce backup & restore strategy?

A common mistake among Saas users is to believe the service provider (Salesforce in this instance) is responsible for all things happening to their data.

WRONG! You remain responsible for your data in the end, should you modify or delete data by mistake.

A recent study estimates the average cost per lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information at $156 (Ponemon Institute: Cost of Data Breach Study (2016))

And as you may have experience yourselves:

Losing Data is Easy

  • An administrator runs a data migration that accidentally overwrites data
  • A user leaves the company and deletes Contact information
  • A user updates a record by mistake and would like to roll back
  • A third-party application installed on your instance messes your data

It is therefore crucial that you take regular snapshots of your Salesforce environments (data and metadata) and minimize the financial and operational risk of a data loss.

"Yes, we recommend that you use a partner backup solution that can be found on the Appexchange"

Salesforce Data Recovery Service FAQ

Who's responsible for your Data?

Short Answer: You.

Longer Answer: It depends.

Salesforce backup and restore solutions, tools and strategy

What goals am I expecting to achieve with Odaseva?


Comply with your industry regulations and your internal IT security policy

Disaster Recovery Plan

Implement and Run a DRP in cloud to prevent a data loss


Automate backup & recovery focusing on security, performance and completeness

Extend my team

Minimize cost to Initialize and Maintain your backup plan

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