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Archive Salesforce Data and Records

"Archive for compliance, performance & retention"

Why would I need Salesforce Record Archiving?

Archiving data to automate compliance and regulatory requirements, manage retention while maintaining data usability, or simply to save some your instance's data storage and improve performance can quickly become a must-do as years of data start piling up in your CRM application.

Choosing the right strategy and methodology and using the least complex and resource-consuming tooling hence becomes crucial.

"Data Archiving: A Key To Performance And Data Governance"

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Salesforce archiving | archive data, records and more

Compliance & regulatory requirements

Compliance remains the primary driver for data archiving

Usually concerned by compliance needs are:

  • banking
  • government
  • financial services
  • legal
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • life sciences

And things do not get any easier as standards tend to shift from time to time, forcing companies to address the subject of data archiving with strategy and flexibility.

Performance and cost

Beside compliance, archiving data and lightening up your application will help you reduce data storage costs, and improve the general performance of your application.

  • search
  • reporting
  • queries
  • rollup summary
  • calculations
  • automation
Salesforce archiving | archive data, records and more

What goals am I expecting to achieve with Odaseva?


Comply with your industry regulations and your internal IT security policy

Extend your team

Minimize cost to Initialize and Maintain your Archiving strategy

Increase ROI

Increase ROI by addressing the question of datawharehouse or business intelligence


Automate archiving focusing on security, performance and completeness

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