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Odaseva for Nonprofits

Protect the Integrity & Availability of Your Salesforce Data

Why Choose Odaseva to Protect Your Salesforce Data? 


Secure your Nonprofit success pack data with Odaseva

Restore single records and their related records with a few clicks

Take advantage of Enterprise grade security

Work together with Backup and Restore experts when needed

Speed up the ramp time and decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Backup and Restore up to 50 levels of depth (parent-child relationship)

Get a discounted Nonprofit price


Take advantage of Odaseva's Data Governance Platform

They Trust Odaseva

HCR Manor Care
oxfam salesforce backup with odaseva

Oxfam GB protects their Salesforce Data with Odaseva Backup

 Oxfam’s first goal was to ensure it had a bulletproof backup and security strategy for its Salesforce. “The Odaseva platform enables us to manage our backups of the Salesforce platform through a single interface that ensures the data remains safe and secure at all points in the data lifecycle,” said Philip Blaney.

Learn more about Oxfam success story here

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

Our CEO Sovan Bin, first Salesforce Certified Technical Architect in EMEA, set the standard of backup & restore concepts and best practices for Salesforce and co-wrote a series of articles with the Salesforce Technical Enablement team of the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering (CCE) group.

This publication has been awarded by a Berkeley STC Touchstone Merit Award.

“Today, with Odaseva, we have data protection, operations, data privacy automation, and security on a single platform. We know where all our data is. We don’t have to worry that our data is moving around. And we know where it is being stored. It makes life infinitely easier for us. And it allows us to keep a laser focus on fighting to end poverty.”

Philip Blaney

Technical Design Authority at Oxfam GB