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Customer Trust for Salesforce

Odaseva accelerates customer trust to over 20+ Million Salesforce Enterprise users

One Platform Delivering Exclusive Products

Data Protection Cloud

  • Backup & Restore
  • Archiving
  • Ultra High Availability

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Data Privacy Cloud

  • Consumer Rights
  • Production Data Lifecycle
  • Sandbox Anonymization

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DataOps Cloud

    • External Connectors
    • Salesforce DX²
    • AI Governor Limits

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    Security Built for the Enterprise

    Encryption everywhere you expect

    • Network, Disk, App, Column
    • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

    Only Odaseva does more – granular encryption 

    • Salesforce Shield encryption continuity
    • AES 256 column and file level encryption
    • Odaseva is a “no view provider”
    • We cannot see your customer data

    Providing operational transparency

    • Detailed data logs and event log monitoring

    Odaseva really places security at the core of every decision. It is no wonder why some of the most security-aware organizations in the world are among their customers.

    Izak Mutlu

    Former CISO at Salesforce , Odaseva Advisory Board Member

    Performance that Scales to Enterprise Data Volume


    How do you backup 2 billion records from one org?

    • Maximize API performance
    • Optimize parallel operations
    • API stabilization for intelligent extract
    • 300 million records/hour

    Without exceeding org governor limits?

    • API load balancing across Bulk & REST
    • AI technology to predict limit consumption
    Salesforce Large Data Volume

    Completeness for Evolving Enterprise Object Models


    Salesforce relationship

    How many levels are needed – 3, 10, more?

    • Backup and restore up to 20 levels of
      relationships – master/detail & lookup

    What about siblings and related parents?

    • Only Odaseva lets you go up the relationship
      for a complete data tree

    Can data be regularly moved between orgs?

    • Yes. Avoid duplicates when copying data across orgs with Odaseva platform intelligence.

      Odaseva Technology is Powered by Experts


      CTA Expert Services

      Your guide to data success with Odaseva

      • Initialization/first-in projects for key topics
      • Audits, Training, Restore tests
      • Data App setup and initial configuration
      • Assess, enable, automate your DataOps

      Expertise on-demand for custom needs

      Managed Backup Services (MBS)

      Solves common backup strategy failures

      • Setup backup plans with best practices
      • Daily monitoring of backup jobs
      • Retry execution & error cause analysis
      • Optimization of backup performance

      Support for restore operations, if needed

      Salesforce Certified Architect
      Salesforce backup

      At Schneider Electric, 45,000 users and 500,000 partners rely on best in class data protection.

      Remi Poujeaux

      VP Digital Architecture, Schneider Electric

      With Odaseva we accelerated our time to compliance for GDPR on Salesforce, all the while reducing our costs.

      Bob Segers

      Program Manager for GDPR, Toyota France

      Odaseva enables Salesforce projects to be delivered faster, while also ensuring best data quality standards

      Doina Popa

      Managing Director & CEO InnoTrue, Salesforce CTA


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