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Published on Searchdatabackup on 16 Apr 2019 by Johnny Yu

SaaS providers aren’t backing up your data for you, and that creates confusion among many IT pros who assume their data is automatically protected in the cloud.

Odaseva tackles ‘huge misunderstanding’ in market

Odaseva comes at SaaS backup from a slightly different direction, building it into its Salesforce management platform. Odaseva started in 2012 specifically to address Salesforce data management for large enterprise customers. A team of Salesforce veterans developed the Odaseva Data Management Cloud, which includes backup for Salesforce data.

Odaseva COO Vincent Delamarre said his company uncovered a common misconception among Salesforce customers that the SaaS provider is responsible for any data on the platform.

“Whether on SaaS or on-prem, it’s the responsibility of the customer” to protect data, Delamarre said. “This is a huge misunderstanding in the market.”

Odaseva’s software, which is sold as a service, works by the extract, transform and load process. It takes data from Salesforce, manages the data for a particular use case, then pushes it back onto Salesforce. Use cases covered by Odaseva’s platform include Salesforce backup, governing API call limits with AI, predictive capacity planning and compliance.

Many backup tools available to customers today still assume a traditional, on-premises environment. ESG’s Bertrand said, given Odaseva’s Salesforce expertise, its go-to-market strategy makes sense.

“Overall, data protection of SaaS-based environments still has a lot of ways to go,” Bertrand said. “Recoverability is nowhere near what you can do on premises today.”

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