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Odaseva’s Team Includes Three Salesforce CTAs, Joining Elite Organizations and Consultancies


Of all the advanced technology certifications available, one of the most prized is the Salesforce Certified Technology Architect (CTA) certification.  Today, there are just 300+  Salesforce CTAs in the world.  And, outside of Salesforce itself, only a limited number of companies (such as Accenture, Acumen, Capgemini, Deloitte McKinsey & Company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers) have more than a single CTA on staff.

That’s why Odaseva is proud to have three CTAs on staff.  Sovan Bin, founder and CEO of Odaseva, was one of the first ten Salesforce CTAs in the world, and the first in the EMEA region, to earn the designation. Joining Bin are Master Architect Carl Brundage, and VP of Services Marie Tourne, who have just been hired by Odaseva.

Odaseva is heavily investing in architects because we believe this level of expertise and experience is a critical enabler in the success of its enterprise-level customers and partners,” said Bin.  “In addition to our three CTA certifications, CIO Matthew Morris and Technical Architect Susannah St. Germain have achieved both the System Architect and the Application Architect credentials, making them eligible to sit for the CTA exam.

Our growing roster of certified architects ensures that Odaseva can provide world-class service to the world’s most respected enterprises, such as Schneider Electric, Robert Half, and Accor,” he said. “Our goal is no less than to help ensure their success throughout their entire data governance journey.”

The Journey of the CTA

The journey to Salesforce CTA certification is formidable, to say the least.  As a baseline, achieving the credential typically requires 5-8 years of experience, including several years as a working Salesforce architect.  What’s more, Salesforce Architect certifications are hierarchical, with many lower-level credentials serving as prerequisites for more advanced credentials.

But the challenges are also rewards for Salesforce CTAs, who are tasked with:

  • Demonstrating knowledge, skills, and capabilities in assessing customer architectures
  • Designing secure, high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce Lightning platform,
  • Communicating technical solutions and design tradeoffs effectively to business stakeholders
  • Providing a delivery framework that ensures quality and success


Sharon Florentine of CIO Magazine provides another glimpse of the CTA certification challenge: “Candidates must possess broad knowledge across multiple development platforms and have achieved certification in all specialized domains. The certification draws on candidates’ ability to assess customer requirements and architecture in order to design secure, high-performance technical solutions. To pass this exam, candidates must design a recommended architecture solution based on a fictional client with hypothetical customer requirements. You will be asked to explain and justify why and how you built your solution.

Still, the emphasis on reaching the Salesforce elite should never be allowed to mask the higher purpose, which is to provide customers the highest possible level of service. “Odaseva has truly distinguished itself among its competitors by offering the highest-level software architects in the world to tackle and eliminate the risks of enterprise performance issues and data loss,” said Izak Mutlu, an Odaseva board member and former Vice President of Information and Product Security at

 Sovan Bin sums up Odaseva’s mission:

Our dedication to our customers and partners is unrivaled and providing a team that includes some of the elite, most sought after certified architects in the world is one way to deliver above-and-beyond every day.”