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Nowadays, protecting personal data is a real concern for all companies. Targeting organizations with large Salesforce organizations, Odaseva offers innovative solutions to better govern data, according to its founder and CEO, Sovan Bin. This data governance covers protection, automation of regulatory compliance and data lifecycle management.

In the first place, Sovan Bin points out that more and more companies are opting for the cloud to manage business data and personal data. Indeed, the cloud offers a speed of treatment allowing them to concentrate more on business outcomes. In other words, the technological innovations of cloud providers offer beneficial solutions in terms of infrastructure, platforms or IT services. However, it remains the responsibility of companies to integrate data management into their strategy, organization and procedures, as this has been the case for the management of their financial flows in the past (by ensuring that their assets are well protected while having the opportunity to exploit financial flows). It is also critical to comply with data regulations.

The largest companies trust Odaseva and even contribute to a very strong growth with already more than 3 million Salesforce users currently. This trust can be explained by Odaseva’s mission to protect their data and process it at the right speed in accordance with data regulations. Sovan Bin and his team have also developed an GDPR offer, one of the most stringent data regulations in the world. It comes in 3 phases: before consent, during data management and after consent expires.

Odaseva is promised a bright future with continued growth. The company is expected to grow strongly in the North American and Asian markets in particular. It is now developing new solutions including artificial intelligence to help companies anticipate data trends and make the best decisions and governance actions at any time.


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