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Continuous Data Protection Blog, October 4, 2018 –

Present at Dreamforce 2018 as a silver sponsor, Odaseva, an emerging player developing a data management solution for Salesforce founded in 2012, continues the active promotion of its backuparchiving and compliance approach with full GDPR support. The solution is pretty comprehensive and the conference was a perfect example of that with 11 sessions presented by end-users, partners and Odaseva, all displaying the value and benefits. In a nutshell, Odaseva was very visible.

The company build a dedicated solution for Salesforce, probably the most integrated existing on the market, thanks to the expertise of Sovan Bin, its founding CEO. We hope the company will develop similar solution for other enterprise SaaS applications such Workday, Netsuite, Office 365, even Box or other ones. The competition between players is exactly there, who will be the first to be horizontal enough to grab the market.

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