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« The strength of Odaseva does not only rely on the quality of their cutting-edge backup and restore technology but also on the uniqueness of their team as Salesforce pure player experts: they are one step ahead of all the other backup software providers »

Top Global Industrial Brand


  • Fully automated backup and on-demand recovery principle
  • Exhaustive backup plan
  • Centralized multi-org backup strategy


According to the “Enterprise Risk Management Benchmark Survey” from Deloitte focusing on risk intelligence in the energy industry conducted in 2013, operational performance can be significantly improved when risk management contributes to safeguarding the overall asset integrity. The Top Global Industrial Brand team responsible for the governance and delivery in Salesforce initially relied on the Salesforce Weekly Export to guarantee the integrity of the Salesforce data and files. This option required a lot of manual actions and it did not cover their full scope of data.

The team spent time each day addressing the recurring errors generated by the important volumes of information stored in their 3 Salesforce environments. With the progressive and positive adoption of the platform, The Top Global Industrial Brand ranked Salesforce as a mission-critical application for the business. Thus the demand for a robust and customizable backup and restore solution became obvious.

The Top Global Industrial Brand team conducted a benchmark establishing a decision matrix including the following critical criteria:

  1. SECURITY: Compliant with their strict IT & security constraints
  2. AUTOMATION & CUSTOMIZATION: Support hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backup on full, incremental or partial mode with an advanced capacity of customization
  3. COST: Reduce the backup & restore total cost of ownership (initialization and maintenance cost)
  4. COMPLETENESS: Full coverage of data and files (including all information unavailable in the Salesforce Weekly Export)
  5. PERFORMANCE: Proven performance to manage Large Data Volumes (LDV) with all API’s supported and a customizable degree of parallelization
  6. EASY TO USE: within a Salesforce multi-org context (3 environments)
  7. A TEAM OF EXPERTS: Solid expertise to provide support (case management) and guidance (strategy)


GE: Decision matrix VS solutions


After assessing 7 different solutions including Appexchange software providers and in-house custom development options, The Top Global Industrial Brand retained Odaseva Data Protection by Odaseva. Odaseva Backup & Restore provides the brand with a centralized platform to manage Salesforce data backup & restore for their multi-org composed of 3 Salesforce environments. The backup plan implemented covers the full scope of data and files on their standard and custom objects and it was designed to fit specific needs in terms of periodicity: weekly and monthly full as well as daily incremental backup jobs are now scheduled and can be adjusted according to their business needs.

Furthermore, besides the scheduled backup plan, the Odaseva platform allows the brand to perform on an ad-hoc basis, backup jobs on any object at any time. The Backup & Restore solution from Odaseva not only allows the brand to programmatically schedule their backup plan but also makes possible to easily restore data and files. Records can be spotted from the backup history and restored along with their associated-child records. The Brand did not need to invest on infrastructure because Odaseva Backup & Restore is an out-of-the-box cloud solution ensuring the highest data availability and durability while complying with the brand internal IT & security standards. Odaseva being positioned as a Salesforce pure player was a major driver for The Top Global Industrial Brand to retain its Backup & Restore solution.

GE: Before - after


By choosing Odaseva, The Top Global Industrial Brand fully met the expectations originally set in their decision matrix and they transitioned from a situation where they needed to prioritize only the business-critical objects for backup purposes towards a situation where all of their objects, files and even metadata are covered at 100% across their 3 environments. The solution was quickly implemented as the backup plan was rolled out in less than 1 day. Odaseva Enterprise Support has supported the Brand since the beginning of the project and has delivered its expertise as a specialist of the Salesforce data backup and restore. Odaseva has subsequently assisted the Brand on specific studies around security topics such as the implementation and maintenance of their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) along with the Brand and Salesforce seasonal releases.

There is no longer a need to spend time performing cumbersome manual actions crossing spreadsheets to rebuild record parent/child relationships: Odaseva handles the relationship between the records in a fully automated way. To illustrate the experience of the Brand with Odaseva Backup & Restore, the field requested a change that would impact the pipeline segmentation for two business units; this resulted in a significant data migration action on sales key data. Five months later, this decision was reconsidered and the Brand team was requested to rollback the changes and take the data back to its previous state.

The Odaseva Data Protection solution was instrumental to get the snapshot of the data at the period requested and roll data back to its previous state: 100% of the data was restored in a matter of hours. On a regular basis, Odaseva Enterprise Support delivers the Odaseva Backup Plan Review helping the Brand to understand how data behaves and grows compared to adoption by providing root cause analysis and making recommendations on potential backup incidents, such as Salesforce timeouts on specific large data volume objects, to optimize their backup strategy.