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Are you trying to make sense of Salesforce Multi Org Data Management, Business Continuity, and Backup and Restore?  Well, look no further.

Welcome to this edition of the Odaseva Omnibus, where we share how to evaluate Salesforce Backup and Restore solutions as well as Salesforce news and professional development. Odaseva delivers deep Salesforce expertise and robust technology to Salesforce customers, solving the challenges of Business Continuity (Backup & Restore, Archiving, High Availability), and Multi Org Data Management (Data Transport, Sandbox Data Management, Data Sampling, MDM). Thanks for reading and enjoy!


On the surface, Salesforce Backup and RestoreHow to Evaluate Salesforce Backup and Restore seems to be a relatively easy process. You simply run a backup of your data, metadata, and attachments.  And when you need to restore your data, you can simply run a restore process to send the data back into Salesforce.  But there are many questions that should be considered when you evaluate Salesforce backup and restore solutions to make sure that you understand the capabilities, supported use cases, and shortcomings.  So, how do you know where to start?

The evaluation checklist below includes questions around Security, Automation and Customization, Cost, Backup and Restore Completeness, Performance, Ease of Use, and Expertise.

From the Salesforce Blog: New Research: 2017’s Most Successful Content Marketing Tactics

In this article, Heike Young writes about The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) new Annual B2B Content Marketing Report, that previews the outlook and top trends for 2017. The report, now in its seventh year, is full of highly relevant insights for anyone engaging in content marketing in the year to come.

The article includes a link to the Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast  —  the marketing podcast from Salesforce  —  where they interview one of CMI’s leaders on the report’s findings, discussing how B2B content marketing has evolved and what marketers can do to be successful with this strategy.

Read the full article here:

Get Smart

And lastly, our Get Smart article.  In each edition, we share an article designed to boost your productivity, career, and work-life balance. We hope you learn something new, and also incorporate it into your daily life.

How To Brainstorm Like A Googler
How to Brainstorm Like a Googler

[Photo: Flickr user Takumi Yoshida]

Veronique Lafargue writes about a deceptively simple, three-step process that Google uses to come up with its most innovative ideas.

Here at Google, we don’t have a secret formula for innovation. But that doesn’t mean Googlers’ best ideas are ineffable mysteries. On the contrary, we’ve found they can be systematically coaxed into being and steadily improved upon. And so can yours.


Just about everyone can learn to brainstorm better. After all, it’s a process like any other. And the beauty of a process is that it can be taught, learned, and shared. We’ve distilled our own approach into a set of three basic principles—ideas we believe can be adapted and applied at pretty much any organization, regardless of size or industry.

Read the full article on Fast Company

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