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One of our favorite parts of the first days of the new year at Odaseva is to make the list of all the great things we want to build for the year to continuously improve our platform and provide the best user experience. At Odaseva, we’re committed to delivering the best Salesforce backup and restore, archiving, and data governance services possible.

Yet as a company, we embody so much more. It starts with our name, which has its roots in both French and Sanskrit.


The first part of Odaseva starts with Oda, from the French word “audace” which means boldness and daring. We are a company that was founded upon the boldness of thinking out of the box and innovating, knowing that companies need a better way to manage their Salesforce data. I, Sovan Bin, founder at Odaseva used my expertise as a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect to address the specific challenges of Salesforce data management and governance (backup, archiving, GDPR, pseudonymization, portability, right to be forgotten…). Since 2012, we have provided bold and innovative solutions addressing Salesforce data in a new efficient way, removing complexity while optimizing performances and security.

We have published numerous articles on the Salesforce Developers blog, including a four part series of blogs Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials, which was a Merit winner of the Society for Technical Communication’s Touchstone Award. The series details experiences and best-practice recommendations for anyone working with enterprise backup and restore processes.

When creating Odaseva, we recognized that data backup and restore is considered a security topic. While this topic is indeed the first step to set up a disaster recovery plan, the technical challenges raised share common grounds with data migration, rollback strategy, sandbox data initialization or even continuous integration.


The second part of the Odaseva name is seva, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. It is the act of giving with no need to receive, where the act itself is a gift to everyone involved.

As author Ram Dass explains: “Helping out is not some special skill. It is not the domain of rare individuals. It is not confined to a single part of our lives. We simply heed the call of that natural impulse within and follow it where it leads us.”

“Oda” +“Seva” accurately identifies the values of our company. We used our comprehensive Salesforce expertise and knowledge, world-class security to create the industry-leading Salesforce Data Management and Governance Platform. And we hope we’re contributing to making the world a better place in the process.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018 on behalf of all the great people at Odaseva.


Sovan Bin
CEO & Founder, Odaseva