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Have you ever wondered how you could easily compare your many Salesforce environments?

As you know, Salesforce release management involving multiple Salesforce organizations can get slower and more costly over time.

Odaseva Compare helps you check alignment between Salesforce environments, …like your pre-prod full sandbox and your production.

Simply launch a Compare job between your environments by selecting the metadata type of your choice, check your alignment score on the dashboard, and drill down to the detailed discrepancies report to analyze who, did what, and when.

Our tool will help you compare in no time Salesforce configuration like objects, fields and workflows, or even developments like visualforce, … so you can spend more time on Build and Test, and less on Deployment.

Contact us to find out how Odaseva Compare can help you secure your Salesforce technical release management.

Also available: A quick introduction video of Odaseva Compare on our Youtube Channel.