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How painful is it to create, prepare and populate Salesforce training environments over and over?

Pretty painful, right?

Odaseva for Salesforce gives you the opportunity to optimize your training process, help you stop wasting time on the prep time, and focus on what’s most valuable, i.e. the training content.

The Platform Governance Edition of our cloud solution uses both:

  • Odaseva Backup to prepare business data sets (country or department sepcific) by archiving a set of data to be used during your training sessions (over and over).
  • and Odaseva Restore to populate your training environments with this relevant data.

You can use this backup/empty/populate cycle as much as you want and update your training dataset through a new backup job once it needs refreshing.

You then go from days of data manipulation and spreadsheet horror to a few clicks and minutes of setup to get ready for your talk.

Tip: Use the console to empty your training environment before populating it.

Check out this video to get an overview of how Odaseva for Saleforce can improve your training experience.