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“Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 3: Learn from a Customer’s Experience” is the third blog article co-written by Odaseva and the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering (CCE). This post is currently published in the Salesforce Developer Blog and highlights General Electric’s customer experience with Odaseva tools during the process to chose their backup and restore solution.

Salesforce proposes various options to protect the data; however, certain organizations with complex business needs and strong customization requirements may need to go beyond these options.

Security compliance, automation & customization, cost, completeness, performance, ease of use in a multi-org context and Salesforce/DRP expertise were a few of the critical requirements outlined by General Electric organization during the process to choose a backup and restore solution.

If you value your data and you are in the process to choose a backup and restore solution, you definitely want to read the full post and don’t forget to check out the list of questions you should be asking yourself if you want to ensure you get the right level of protection.

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