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At Odaseva, we have designed and built our solutions relying on and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the two cloud computing industry leaders. Our technological choices guarantee our customers cutting-edge solutions with the highest durability and availability in the market.

A Gartner analysis recently confirmed our choice for AWS in their “2015 Critical Capabilities for Public Cloud IaaS” report, where AWS emerged as the undebatable IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) top performer among 15 providers that were analyzed to the light of the four cases most common to cloud computing:

  • Application Development – to meet the needs of large developer teams to build new applications
  • Batch Computing – including high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics and other one-time (but potentially recurring), short-term, large-scale, scale-out workloads
  • Cloud Native Applications – for applications at any scale, which have been written with the strengths and weaknesses of public cloud IaaS in mind
  • General Business Applications – for applications not designed with the cloud in mind, but that can run comfortably in virtualized environments

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) essentially created the cloud IaaS market with the 2006 introduction of its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and it still offers the richest suite of public cloud IaaS capabilities, along with deep and broad PaaS layer capabilities.” the Gartner report noted.
AWS was praised by Gartner for its leadership, cutting-edge capabilities, security and regulatory compliance credentials, as well as reliable service.

source: AWS resources