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What an awesome week we’ve just lived, as yet another Dreamforce comes to a close.

Needless to say the California-based event was a huge success, with more than 140,000 people descending upon the streets of San Francisco to meet and greet big-name keynote speakers and learn about Salesforce’s incoming products.

For, this year’s Dreamforce was all about intimacy, as we were able to live demo our cloud solutions as a Service to many attendees keen to improve their company’s data security and accelerate their release management.

It was also a great opportunity to talk with longtime ‘Odaseva for Salesforce’ customers, and tease them about our brand new features including metadata comparison, business data quality validation, and much more.

Dreamforce first-timers can probably arrive skeptical at the Moscone Convention Center, but there’s no doubt they’ll leave San Francisco bags and heads packed with information, ideas and energy.

We do not derogate from that pattern, as we make our way back to the office convinced by the huge opportunity to have represented in what remains the biggest cloud computing event ever.

Today is definitely the opportunity to thank all of the people who stopped by our booth, and tip our hats to Salesforce for throwing such a great community gathering.

We obviously can not wait to go back to San Francisco next year.

Follow this link to get a pdf of our brochure presented in Dreamforce ’14.