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According to Gartner, by 2020, an outstanding 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.
Gartner, who revealed its top strategic predictions for 2016 and beyond, states:

“Security concerns remain the most common reason for avoiding the use of public cloud services. However, only a small percentage of the security incidents impacting enterprises using the cloud have been due to vulnerabilities that were the provider’s fault. This does not mean that organizations should assume that using a cloud means that whatever they do within that cloud will necessarily be secure. The characteristics of the parts of the cloud stack under customer control can make cloud computing a highly efficient way for naive users to leverage poor practices, which can easily result in widespread security or compliance failures.

The growing recognition of the enterprise’s responsibility for the appropriate use of the public cloud is reflected in the growing market for cloud control tools.

By 2018, 50 percent of enterprises with more than 1,000 users will use cloud access security broker products to monitor and manage their use of SaaS and other forms of public cloud, reflecting the growing recognition that although clouds are usually secure, the secure use of public clouds requires explicit effort on the part of the cloud customer.”

“Through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault”
This emphasizes the importance of services of backup and restore for salesforce provided by applications such as Odaseva, and the definition of a clear Disaster Recovery strategy by customers who use salesforce services and yet remain the sole owner and responsible for their data.

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Source: Gartner Press Release