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Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. (1)

(We’ll pause for a minute while you try to figure out exactly how much data that is. Here’s an infographic that might help.)



“With data volumes increasing at an incredible rate and innovations in data science, artificial intelligence, and predictive technology, the value of customer data is sky-rocketing,” said Pete Reed, VP of Strategy and Operations at Odaseva, a business continuity solution provider for Salesforce enterprise customers. “We’re in the new cloud economy. It’s ruled by data and it runs on data.”


In the past, data was seen as “necessary” for business operations, but it was not considered to be a company’s most valuable asset. Today, that’s all changed.


The ability to analyze big data to gain insights into product adoption and to predict consumer buying and usage patterns is better than it’s ever been. And that translates directly into better customer service, higher revenues, and cost savings for companies. Analyzing customer data using AI technologies like predictive analytics and deep learning, now enables companies to deliver proactive customer service, develop more efficient sales and production cycles through intelligent allocation of resources, and build innovation into their products and services faster than ever before.


Cloud computing companies recognize the value of big data and are incorporating AI technologies into their core offerings. Over the past couple of years, enterprise giant Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM company, has been acquiring AI companies to enhance their products. In her article, “Here Are More Details on Salesforce’s Plan to Smarten Up Sales and Marketing Software” on, Barb Darrow writes: Basically, Salesforce (CRM) is adding more intelligence to each of its branded Marketing, Sales, Service, Commerce, and App clouds, with a mix of AI technologies built in-house and acquired in a series of acquisitions, including of RelateIQ in 2014 and Metamind last April. Salesforce Einstein, as the effort is known, seeks to help Salesforce customers wring real value out of the tons of data they generate. (5)


But with big data benefits, comes two big risks that companies can’t ignore; losing access to the data, or even worse, losing the data itself. This is where a solid Business Continuity plan (BCP) that includes backup & restore, high availability, and archiving can save the day.


One definition of a Business Continuity plan is a company’s ability to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident. (4)


And disruptive incidents are everywhere…data migration jobs that update (overwrite) or delete data, integration errors, users accidentally deleting records, replication jobs copying bad data, network outages, production go-lives…the list goes on.


So how do you get ahead of these disruptive incidents so they’re not so…disruptive? You guessed it, develop a Business Continuity plan for your data and your service.


For years, many companies were able to apply a standard approach to business continuity planning because their data was stored on-premise and they had direct access to the infrastructure. But the old rules of business continuity planning cannot be applied to the new model of data in the cloud.


Business continuity plans for business critical cloud applications like Salesforce require that customer data (your most valuable asset) be backed up in a reasonable time frame AND in a format that can be easily restored, so that if any data is lost, or if you lose access to your cloud service, you can restore data and be up and running in minutes with little to no impact to your customers and your business.


Today, with many large enterprises running their businesses in the cloud, companies need to innovate and adapt their BCP to solve the new challenges of backing up and restoring large volumes of data and accessing the infrastructure through an API.


“Before selecting Odaseva, some of our customers with large data volumes were spending over 7 days to run and download their weekly backup,” said Sovan Bin, Founder and CEO at Odaseva. “We just completed one of our largest backup jobs, 1.3 Billion records in less than 24 hours. Our customers understand that the speed of backup and restore now needs to match the speed of their business.”


Bottom line…As a Salesforce customer, you are responsible for backing up your data. And if you’re a large Salesforce enterprise organization, that can be incredibly challenging. (Have you ever tried restoring GBs worth of CSV files?)


At $158 per lost or stolen record (2) and
$300,000 per hour (on average) for a service
outage (3), your business can’t afford not to
have a solid Business Continuity plan.


To learn more about Business Continuity in the cloud, backing up large/extreme data volumes, and implementing a high availability strategy, check out our site, or better yet connect with Odaseva at Dreamforce ‘16!

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About Odaseva

Odaseva ( is the leading Business Continuity solution for Salesforce large enterprise organizations.

Odaseva’s backup & restore, high availability, archiving, and release management solutions address the business continuity challenges of Salesforce customers and eliminate the risks of data loss and service outage for over 1 Million Salesforce users.

Optimized for the enterprise, Odaseva supports large data volumes, backing up over 100 Billion records each year.

Right from the beginning, Odaseva decided to be a Salesforce pure-player solution, and their team has been innovating on Backup & Restore and Business Continuity with some of Salesforce’s largest and most complex orgs ever since.

With over 40+ years combined experience in the Salesforce ecosystem (at Salesforce and as customers and partners), the team has deep knowledge of the platform. They’ve also developed a great partnership with Salesforce, co-authoring Backup & Restore articles for the benefit of the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

START HERE: Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials – Part 1

Customers like GE, Robert Half, Heineken, and Schneider Electric trust Odaseva’s technology and unique expertise to ensure business continuity.


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