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Archiving for Salesforce

Automate your Salesforce data lifecycle for compliance and performance
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Comprehensive Salesforce Data Lifecycle Solution to automate compliance and remove performance issues

Odaseva combines the expertise of large data volume governance in Salesforce
with data lifecycle strategies built for performance and compliance

Improve Performance by archiving your data and records

Improve Performance

Remove performance issues due to large data volumes by archiving your data and records

Accelerate time to compliance

Accelerate time to compliance

Save months of development by automating state-of-the-art data operations rules and processes in your Salesforce.

Data Governance

Data Governance

Automate a robust multi-tiered data lifecycle strategy aligned with both business objectives and regulations.

Salesforce Archiving Best Practices

Choose a Comprehensive archiving solution to automate compliance

Build by Salesforce expert for Salesforce Enterprise customers to support large data volume management.

Automate personal data storage limitation using a fully automated Hot-Warm-Cold-Forget data tiering strategy.

Audit Purposes
Align your data retention or data archiving plan with company or industry requirements for audit purposes.

Limit the exposure of data that would require additional consent or authorization and control proper customer segregation allowing possible accidental or malicious disclosure to third parties

Comprehensive archiving solution to automate compliance
Increase Performance, Lower Cost

Increase Performance, Lower Cost

Save on cost and time with pre-built data management apps to remove performance issues and help reducing your storage costs

Increase Performance
Remove performance issues for Search, Reporting, Queries, Rollup Summary, Calculations and archive infrequently accessed records to optimize Salesforce performance

Reduce Costs
Archiving production data and retiring legacy reduces storage costs across the application portfolio and maintenance costs

Archive Salesforce data at scale

Our platform is optimized for high performance, highly secured, and fully customizable and has been designed to support large data volume management. Odaseva Data Management Cloud allows you to configure your optimal data lifecycle strategy by:

  • Targeting specific data you would like to archive
  • Extract this data and guarantee its retention for as long as you need, from 1 year to 100 years!
  • Replicating and deleting this data from your Salesforce org
  • Apply restriction of access policies of your data in your tiering strategy
Archiving Salesforce data at scale
Increase Performance, Lower Cost

Store Archived Regulated Data Long-Term with Odaseva Vault

As more privacy regulations demand that organizations provide robust safeguards of their sensitive data, the Odaseva Vault solution provides a way to up-level their data durability while receiving the highest protection standards that the Odaseva platform already provides.

Vault includes five layers of Advance Encryption Standard, AES256, that enables customer data to be visible only to authorized users and ensures a data durability level of 99.999999999% over a given year.