Odaseva Protecting Salesforce Environments - The Manulife Experience

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Odaseva Protecting Salesforce Environments

Customer Story

Listen as Jonathan Cipryk, Assistant Vice President of Salesforce Engineering explains why Manulife relied on the expertise of Odaseva in dealing with the security and compliance of large enterprises in an extremely regulated industry. The Odaseva platform strategically allowed Manulife to consider grouping data governance technologies together rather than finding a number of patchwork solutions.

Jonathan Cipryk, Manulife AVP, Salesforce Engineering

"Odaseva has a comprehensive architecture that has the right security and compliance in place that goes with being cloud native and very scalable."

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Jonathan Cipryk
Assistant Vice President of Salesforce Engineering, 


Christophe Bertrand
Senior Analyst

Enterprise Strategy Group

Vinny Choinski
Senior Validation Analyst

Enterprise Strategy Group

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