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Accelerate and reduce the TCO of the data compliance of your Salesforce orgs
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A complete cloud data governance platform to automate data compliance

Data Governance apps for Salesforce to configure and automate data compliance for large data volume with the highest level of performance, security and customizability.

Build vs Buy

Build vs Buy

Align your organization with standard data governance apps built for Salesforce by Salesforce experts.

Accelerate time to compliance

Accelerate time to compliance

Save months of development by automating state-of-the-art data operations rules and processes of your Salesforce orgs.



Minimize risks and cost of administration, deployment, upgrade, maintenance, and security with ready-to-use apps built for GDPR and other data compliance regulations.


“97% of companies say they are receiving auxiliary benefits today from their Data Privacy investments.”


Personal Data Backup

You must back up the personal data of data subjects
GDPR Article 32-1.c
Backup personal data in case users, admins or integrations corrupt Salesforce data.

Data Breach Detection

You must detect data breaches to notify supervisory authorities
GDPR Article 33.1
Get alerts when personal data is massively corrupted (i.e. Ransomware), deleted or downloaded (with Shield Event Monitoring).

Sandbox Pseudonymisation

You must implement Data Minimization with measures such as pseudonymization
GDPR Article 25.1
Anonymize personal data in your full sandbox to remove access from consultants, developers and admins. Pseudonymize it to keep valuable business data for analytics.


Right of Access

You must provide personal data access to data subjects
GDPR Article 15.3
Target specific personal data from Salesforce and make it accessible to data subjects, human error free, in Salesforce, via our API, or directly in Communities.

Right to Portability

You must provide personal data in a machine-readable format to data subjects
GDPR Article 20.1
Extract personal data in CSV files, excluding business records or fields belonging to your company, and make it accessible in Salesforce, via our API, or directly in Communities.

Right to be Forgotten

You must erase personal data within 30 days when requested
GDPR Article 17
Automate personal data erasure. Based on your specific data model, combine deletion, anonymization, pseudonymization and “leave untouched”, at the record or field level.

Personal Data Archiving

You must keep an archive of personal data for the duration of the data subject’s consent
GDPR Article 5.1.e, 30.1.f
Your Salesforce users could delete personal data every day. This process must be done in compliance with GDPR data subject’s rights: keep an archive of personal data for the consent period.

Personal Data Lifecycle

You must establish a data lifecycle/retention policy ahead of processing
GDPR Article 25.2, 5.1.e
Set up an automated personal data lifecycle/retention policy. Personal data will be automatically erased at the end of the data subject’s consent period.