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High Availability

"Stay productive during downtime"

Why would I need High Availability?

Planning for High Availability is often considered as a low priority subject. After all, your data is on the cloud, and since your service provider is a big gun with 99.9+ percent uptime record for years, spending time and resources on this area seems like a waste of time, doesn't it?

WRONG! System unavailabilities, on the cloud like on premise, do happen (more often what you imagine), and they can prove to be costly.

$300k... an hour

An official study estimates the business impact of outage at more than $300k per hour (Ponemon Institute & Emerson Network: 2013 study on downtime)

Downtime Impact

  • employee productivity (time cost)
  • revenue / customer orders (revenue cost)
  • public company reputation
  • customer support cases and SLAs
  • delayed strategic and tactical decisions

OH: "Is the system down?"

  • Salesforce schedule downtime
  • Salesforce service not available (rare but experienced)
  • database/data center failure
  • data cleanup and validation exercize
  • production go-live

It is therefore crucial that you address the subject of downtime, mitigate the risk of being unable to access your customer data for an extended period of time, and remain productive whatever happens.

trust-salesforceSalesforce Trust offers a great view of all system downtime periods

What goals am I expecting to achieve with Odaseva?


Comply with your industry regulations and your internal IT security policy

Extend your team

Minimize cost to Initialize and Maintain your replication plan

Increase ROI

Increase ROI by addressing the question of datawharehouse or business intelligence


Automate replication focusing on security, performance and completeness

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